Monday, February 20, 2012

A long Sunday

So when I got up I was extremely tired but I decided to get dressed anyway so I can get ready for a few hours working in the nursery. Every five seconds you have to tell these kids stop and they dont liten but in order to be eligible for the scholarship my church gives out I have to deal with it. I had a massive headache the entire day though so i was ready to hurry up and leave church but it felt like it lasted forever. Then after church my aunt likes to talk to everybody and I just wasnt for it so I just went to the car and laid down

A long Saturday

I had to get up at 7:25 to be at church at 9:00 for my First aid/ and CPR class. Later I had to stay for a your strive meeting that lasted untio 3:00 but I didnt leave until four and then UI had to do my laundry so by the time I got in the bed  I was so tired then I had to get back up and cleanned the kitchen because my aunt is a lazy bum. So in my mind I had myt mind made up that I was not attending church tomorrow but thwn I thought that I really dont want to argue with my aunt over my choice to go to church t. so I just decided I would go.

Red Lobster with Amber and Ashley.

After Amber got off work Amber, Ashley, and I decided to go to Red Lobster to chill and have fun. After eating it was really hard not to flirt with the waiters ( THEY WERE SO CUTE!!!!!) because flirting is in my personality but i maintained to the best of my abilites. After we left Red Lobster Amber to see her boo who's name is boo becuase they dont know each other name which I find really funny. While at the gas station a crack in the cement took my shoes and I almost feel out of my heels smh. Then we drove around for a little bit and went home because we couldnt find anything to do.

Time w/ Thomas

After school I decided to go spend time with thomas. Every time I go over there he's glued to his Xbox 360. That thing is his wife lol but its cool, Im glued to my laptop so I cant judge. When I got home later on that night I got a mysterious call from the coach at Coppin wondering if I was interested in working out with them when worked outs started I responded so quick that she barely finished her statement. I would absolutely love to play volleyball in a college that has my major and is willing to work with me to get a scolarship. I so glad that there are people in the world that are willing to help me succeed in life.

New Town vs Milfilford (JV)

Although some of the girls got kicked off the team for disobeying coach not going to the boys randallstown game we decided to proceed with our cheer season. The game was very intense, every time they would score we would score and this continued until foruth quater. It was crunch time when our Jv Titans pulled through and Tymothy shot the game winning three. After the game Coach Brooks took us to buffalo wild wings and we had so much fun. My night was cool. Oh and congratulation JV titans!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mr. Carney!!!!!!!

After reading the Hunger Games me and Mr. Carney got really close. I really didnt expect it because a lot of students look at Mr. Carney as a mean overly strict teacher but what I've realized is that he has a purpose for everything he does. I never thought Mr. Carney would even be able to reate to me or even be willing to get to the know the bright student and person I am inside but it feels like the Hunger Games brought us together. Im really glad that I was given this great opportunity to get to know Carney he's really cool. Also Im glad I finally finished the hunger games. It was a book I could hardly put down and I barely ever pick up books. This is the first book I've actually finished since the great gatsby in the summer of my 10th grade year so yes, its been a long time. Im so excited to read the next book catching fire, the title just snatches my attention.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day!!!!!!!!!!

OMG Im so happy that my day was so successful. I was reallt scared that Thomas didnt get me anything because he wasnt on the bus this morning. In 2nd period I got his candy-gram and all I could do was smile and take a sigh relief. I was wondere what was in store for me . After second we walk to his locker so I can give him his present and he gave me mine. Later we went to luch and ended lunch with juice in my lap thanks to jordan so I had to go to my locker and put on my sweatpants, good thing I had them Today was such a cute day lol